SHARK FILLED HISTORY: Immersive Puppetry Experience

The Australian National Maritime Museum is inviting audiences to immerse themselves in the prehistoric and present-day marine worlds of Sydney Harbour through Guruwi - a new visual theatre experience.

Created by the internationally-acclaimed puppeteers of Erth Visual and Physical Inc., this family-friendly 40-minute poetic documentary lets the audience encounter breathtaking underwater realms populated by bull sharks, grey nurses, great whites and other enchanting sea life.

Using exquisite puppet artistry, Guruwin (the Gadigal word for shark) recreates the rich history and biodiversity that have inhabited Sydney's iconic waterways home for millions of years. But it also serves as an engaging call to reconsider humans' role in protecting these magnificent creatures and their fragile environments.

"Erth always combine meticulous research alongside their unique storytelling skills," said Maritime Museum CEO and Director Daryl Karp. "Guruwin recreates the history of Sydney Harbour underwater life with mastery and flair."

The museum's experience recognises the First Nations connections to the harbour while taking audiences into an enchanting aquatic realm. From the deepest prehistoric depths to modern-day marvels, Guruwin celebrates the incredible sharks and vibrant ecology that have defined this distinctive urban marine habitat.

For the visual theatre innovators at Erth, the immersive expedition is driven by core values of conservation, sustainability and social justice. By connecting audiences to nature's underwater wonders, Guruwin aims to inspire all who experience it to help preserve these vital ecosystems.

The current production runs from 22 June through 21 July at the Maritime Museum, with special relaxed performances for those on the autism spectrum or with other sensory needs. The oceanic odyssey awaits.

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(Images: Australian National Maritime Museum, Alison George)