THE ESCAPE ROOM: A Hilarious Murder Mystery Arrives at Flight Path Theatre

Written by the comedic minds of Sydney's Annie Boyle and Libby Bramble, The Escape Room is an absurdist whodunnit unlike any other.  Directed by the talented Steven Hopley, the show features the captivating Instagram star Kate Dolan (@thekatedolanshow) and promises an evening of side-splitting laughter and unexpected twists.

The plot follows seven participants who find themselves locked in an escape room, each with their own motives and secrets.  As the tension mounts and the clock ticks down,  alliances are formed, suspicions arise, and the line between game and reality blurs.  Will they escape the room?  And more importantly, will they escape alive?

The Escape Room takes inspiration from the classic whodunnit murder mysteries in the vein of Agatha Christie, but with a modern twist.  Boyle and Bramble's comedic genius infuses the script with absurd humour, ridiculous clues, and unpredictable twists that will leave you guessing until the very end.

The play boasts a captivating cast of characters, each with their own unique quirks and agendas. We meet a feuding couple, their trusting friend caught in the middle, a self-absorbed actress and her not-so-subtle mega-fan, and two siblings with a mysterious past.  As these characters navigate the confines of the escape room, their secrets begin to unravel, leading to hilarious situations and a tangled web of suspicion.

The Escape Room promises an evening of unique entertainment with superb comedic timing as witnessed in past productions under the direction of Hopley. With its intriguing premise, absurd humour, and talented cast, laughter and suspense are delivered as The Escape Room takes centre stage at Flight Path Theatre in Marrickville, Sydney.

Featuring Annie Boyle, Libby Bramble, Kate Dolan, Steve Maresca, Savannah Melvin, Aaron Okey, Yarno Rohling and Harlee Timms.

Produced by Craig Ivanoff.

Dates: May 22-25, 2024 7:00 PM, additional matinee 25 MAY 2.00 PM.
(Pre-show from 7.00 PM, The Escape Room from 8.00 PM)

Venue: Flight Path Theatre, Marrickville