44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK: Brisbane Comedy Festival takes on love and the apocalypse

The Brisbane Comedy Festival is serving up a side of apocalypse with a dash of romance in its 2024 lineup.  44 Sex Acts in One Week, a critically-acclaimed production from Sydney, arrives at the Brisbane Powerhouse from May 16th to 25th, promising a wild and subversive experience.

This comedic romp, penned by the audacious playwright David Finnigan (Kill Climate Deniers), throws audiences into a world teetering on the brink of collapse.  Celina, a jaded journalist forced to write clickbait, finds herself tasked with a peculiar challenge: experience 44 different sexual encounters in a single week, all for the sake of an article.  But her reluctant partner is Alab Delusa, the brooding animal activist and office mail boy who also happens to be her nemesis.

With the clock ticking and the world seemingly falling apart, Celina and Alab embark on a comedic exploration of intimacy.  The cast, featuring Amber McMahon, Aaron Tsindos, Nancy Dennis, and Rebecca Massey, brings Finnigan's sharp script to life with a blend of physical comedy and witty dialogue.

44 Sex Acts in One Week goes beyond mere laughs, however.  Finnigan's script weaves social commentary into the narrative, exploring themes of environmental crisis, late-stage capitalism, and the complexities of human connection.  While the title might raise eyebrows, the production is all about exploring humanity's frantic pursuit of satisfaction in a world facing oblivion.

The play boasts impressive production elements as well.  Sound designer Keelan Ellis and composer Steve Toulmin create a unique soundscape that complements the onstage action, while the minimalist set design by Trent Suidgeest leaves room for the actors' physical humour to shine.

This award-nominated production, directed by the acclaimed Sheridan Harbridge, has already garnered praise for its clever script and talented cast.  TimeOut hailed it as "deceptively clever," while audiences have lauded its ability to be both outrageously funny and surprisingly thought-provoking.

44 Sex Acts in One Week will likely be a highlight of the Brisbane Comedy Festival.  With its unique blend of humour, social commentary, and a dash of the absurd, this production will leave the audience reflecting on the world around them.

THU 16 MAY 2024 8:30PM
FRI 17 MAY 2024 8:30PM
SAT 18 MAY 2024 3:00PM and 8:30PM
FRI 24 MAY 2024 8:30PM
SAT 25 MAY 2024 3:00PM and 8.30PM

Adult $49*  Concession $44  GROUP 6+ $44

Bookings: https://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/Show.aspx?sh=FOURTYFO24

16 May to 25 May 2024
Brisbane Powerhouse, Underground Theatre

Writer: David Finnigan
Producer: Dans Maree Sheehan, Club House Productions
Director: Sheridan Harbridge
Composer/Music Director: Steve Toulmin
Lighting and Set Designer: Trent Suidgeest
Sound Technician: Keelan Ellis