24th BIENNALE OF SYDNEY: Ten Thousand Suns Shines Light on Hope and Collective Resistance

The 24th Biennale of Sydney, titled Ten Thousand Suns, opens to the public this weekend. Running from March 9 to June 10, 2024, this major international art festival promises a diverse and dynamic showcase of over 400 artworks by 96 artists and collectives. The event, spanning various iconic venues across the city including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Opera House, ArtSpace and the newly restored White Bay Power Station, invites audiences to delve into a celebration of art, culture, and collective resilience.

Under the visionary leadership of artistic directors Cosmin CostinaČ™ and Inti Guerrero, the 24th Biennale of Sydney aims to challenge fatalistic narratives of the apocalypse, instead embracing a hopeful outlook for the future grounded in joy and solidarity. Drawing inspiration from diverse cultural traditions and perspectives, the event offers an immersive experience that explores themes of resistance, cultural multiplicity, and the pursuit of a more equitable world.

A highlight of the Biennale is the extensive lineup of international and Australian artists whose works span a wide range of mediums and concepts. From Frank Bowling's monumental Map Painting series merging postcolonial geopolitics with abstraction to Kaylene Whiskey's immersive installation Kaylene TV, which invites audiences into a playful and vibrant world, the Biennale promises to captivate visitors with its breadth and depth of artistic expression.

Another significant aspect of this year's Biennale is the emphasis on indigenous voices and perspectives. The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain has collaborated with the Biennale to commission 14 First Nations artists, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, to create new works for the event. Through their art, these artists confront colonial legacies, celebrate cultural heritage, and offer visions of resilience and empowerment.

The public program accompanying the exhibition is equally compelling, featuring performances, artist talks, workshops, and special events designed to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds. From the opening night concert at White Bay Power Station to weekly music nights curated by Phoenix Central Park, there are countless opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultural scene of Sydney.

As Barbara Moore, Chief Executive Officer of the Biennale of Sydney, notes, this year's event is not only a celebration of contemporary art but also a reflection of the city's rich cultural diversity and creative energy. With free admission and a wide range of activities on offer, the Biennale invites everyone to join in and explore the transformative power of art.

The 24th Biennale of Sydney promises to be an unforgettable celebration of creativity, resilience, and hope. As audiences navigate the diverse array of artworks and experiences, they are invited to imagine and embrace a future filled with possibility and joy.

Dates: 9 March – 10 June 2024

Admission is free.

More details: biennaleofsydney.art

For the 24th Biennale of Sydney at White Bay Power Station, designated 443 buses will be running from Sydney’s CBD to White Bay Power Station, alongside the regular bus routes 441 or 442.