PREVIEW: MAD FOR YOU - An Exploration of Family, Aging, and Unraveling Bonds

In the midst of Sydney's challenging theatre scene, a compelling new play soon takes the stage, and promises to be an emotional rollercoaster. "Mad For You," written and directed by acclaimed playwright David Allen, delves into the complexities of family dynamics when confronted with the challenging realities of aging and dementia. The play boasts a stellar ensemble led by Alice Livingstone and Andrew James, committed to delivering strong performances in this heart wrenching portrayal.

The narrative unfolds as the Sankey family grapples with the decline of their matriarch, Janet, into the grips of dementia. David Allen, drawing from personal experiences, weaves a poignant tale that explores the impact of such a profound loss on familial bonds. As old enmities and resentments surface, and former expectations crumble, the once comfortable world of the Sankeys is turned upside down. The central question emerges: is there any solution?

The cast, also featuring the talents of Emma Louise, Georgia Weston-Allen, Josh Hammond, and Rhiannon Cary, promises a riveting portrayal of a family in crisis. With a track record of award-winning plays such as "Upside Down At The Bottom Of The World" and "Cheapside," David Allen confronts the challenges of an aging society in "Mad For You" with unflinching honesty.

While the play is not devoid of grim humor, it is a powerful, no-holds-barred depiction of one family's struggle to cope with circumstances that are almost completely beyond their control. The narrative transcends the boundaries of the Sankey family, offering a universal exploration of the human condition when faced with the inevitable passage of time.

Elliott Weston, producer with ADHOC Theatre, has emphasised the intimate nature of the performance space in Redfern, with only ten performances scheduled for this studio season. Due to the limited seating capacity, those interested are urged to act swiftly to secure their tickets. 

"Mad For You"
Sydney Acting Studio,
9-11 Cope Street Redfern,
February 2nd to February 11th.