Campbelltown Arts Centre (C-A-C) hosts ‘The Other Side’, a new performance piece that promises to be a physical, sonic and visual explosion of artistry "to suit our times". Combining the talents of Brianna Kell, Party Dozen and Jodie Whalen, ‘The Other Side’ is part music gig, part state-driven dance work. Created to push the boundaries of both genres, this trio seek to ignite a fuse of experimental dance, music and light.

Running 23 to 25 February 2023 at C-A-C, ‘The Other Side’ is a multi-disciplinary work that hopes to respond to the stagnant state of our world in recent years. 

The performance follows lone dancer (Brianna Kell) facing the aftermath of an unknown event. She is joined on stage by Party Dozen musicians, drummer Jonathan Boulet and saxophonist Kirsty Tickle, who create an intense aural environment. The soundscape pitches, vibrates and echoes in haunting ferocity as the dancer weaves between musical instruments, beckoning the musicians to join the movement patterns. Jodie Whalen’s immersive light installation is the final piece to this surrealist puzzle, designed to test the audience’s perceptions of time. 

‘The Other Side’ subverts reality in a mind meld of genre-blending action. An antidote to our recent past, this new work poses the question, “what are we doing now?”

Party Dozen have had a wild ride themselves the last 12 months, having completed several European tours, recorded a song with Nick Cave and released their third album ‘The Real Work’, once again to critical acclaim. This year is proving to be busy as well, starting their year with a performance at Sydney Festival, and soon performing together for the first time at South by Southwest in March 2023.

Gadigal/Darug-based multidisciplinary artist Jodie Whalen has also celebrated a successful few years of practice. Working across video, sound, light and installation, Jodie has had new digital and site-specific work commissioned for Cement Fondu (2020), Prototype Art TV (2021), Carriageworks (2021), and recently BLEED which included a large-scale installation at Campbelltown Arts Centre. The lighting/visual installation in ‘The Other Side’ is her first collaboration of this kind, marking a new expanded direction in her practice.

Brianna Kell has also reports a hugely successful 12 months, having joined Australian Dance Theatre in 2022 and performed three major shows and a tour as a company member. She is set to do the same in 2023 and will also be collaborating with The Australian Ballet for the first time on a new work which will tour Melbourne and Sydney. Brianna has established a notable career as a dancer for the past decade, but ‘The Other Side’ is her first work as a lead artist and choreographer. The Sydney-born artist is delighted to have returned home to unveil this milestone work at Campbelltown Art Centre.


Dates: 23 February, 24 February, and 25 February 2023.

Performance Time: 7.30pm

Choreographer and Dancer: Brianna Kell

Musicians: Party Dozen - Drummer Jonathan Boulet and Saxophonist Kirsty Tickle

Venue: Campbelltown Art Centre, One Art Gallery Road, Campbelltown, NSW.

Tickets: $30


(Images: courtesy the artists and photographer Hyun Lee)