NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH is an award-winning exhibition that combines the latest science with cutting edge technology to create an incredible 'space-on-the-ground' experience. Developed in conjunction with the US Space & Rocket Center and NASA’s George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH tells the story of space science and exploration in an immense and powerful presentation. 

Declan McMonagle, Managing Director of Toto Creative said. “We developed NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH in collaboration with the US Space & Rocket Center and NASA which gave us access to significant artefacts from key space exploration missions in our human history. Combining this with the latest Audio Visual technology and presentation of science in practice, the exhibition was a sell out in the USA and China. 

Working with M Live, not only gave us the opportunity to bring the exhibition back home to Australia, however... (but) this is extra special, given that Toto Creative is an Australian Production Company and Australia has a rich history in alliances with NASA and the USA in Space Exploration. Australia presents a very deserving audience”

Since its world premiere in 2018 at NASA’S Marshall Space Center, this spectacular immersive exhibition has attracted over a million visitors around the world.  Utilising 14 screens, 8.1 surround sound, and a giant projection-mapped dome, the exhibition’s key set piece transports audiences to space inside an epic cinematic environment. 

Taking advantage of the rising interest in space exploration, due to both news around civilian space travel and exciting new NASA missions to the Moon and to Mars, NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH taps into audience desire to travel to a whole new world.  As a multi-sensory experience, visitors will also get a chance to explore museum quality models and examples of spacecrafts, tools, and astronaut suits, as well as many fun and engaging learning activities.  

NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH will appeal to all ages, making it the perfect event to fill the void left by another year of cancelled events, and the ideal return to life after lockdown for all Sydneysiders.

Promoter of the event and Founder/CEO of M Live, Emma Triggs said “We were blown away when we saw NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH as we knew Australian audiences would love it.  People’s desire to travel to outer space has never been stronger and NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH gives us all the opportunity to see and feel what it would be like.  Once you step inside NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH, you enter another world that is not only beautiful but also inspirational. It will give people an uplifting feeling by connecting with the magnificence that is all around us, just out of our reach.    

We are thrilled to bring another Australian blockbuster premiere event to Sydney to allow people to reconnect with family and friends safely after what has been another challenging year.” 

Venue:                       ICC Sydney, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney, Hall 7 

Opens:                       From 22 November for a strictly limited season

Opening Hours:        9am – 9pm, Monday-Sunday 

Prices: Peak
Adult $45/Family $119/Child $30/Concession, Group, Student $35

Off Peak
Adult $35/Family $99/Child $20/Concession, Group, Student $25

NEIGHBOURHOOD EARTH will operate in accordance with NSW Health Guidelines.