Your Own Island...for $99

There are plenty of 'best kept secrets' in the world, and feel free to share your favourites below, but if holidaying in the Caribbean seems too expensive, take a look at what George Jackson has to offer.

Located off the coast of Honduras, this family owned 'cay', is about 18 miles off the coast, with the nearest mainland town being La Ceiba. The island is ringed entirely by sandy beaches and a coral reef. It has but one house, and that's where you stay.

The entire island can be rented for around $US100 per night for 6 people. For more adults, just add $US10 per head. 
The facilities are spartan but effective. There are two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. Transportation is entirely by boat. Power is provided 100% by solar generators, but your stay won't use much as there is no TV, no air-con,  hi-fi or wi-fi. Sounds like heaven? Quite unbelievable.

If you need supplies, George is happy to receive one call per day via shortwave radio, and will deliver your requests from his home on another nearby cay. The larger island of Utila is a 20 minute boat ride away for anyone needing a touch of 'civilisation' during your castaway stay. To book, give George a call on +504-2425-2005 or send an email to

Aussies can fly to Honduras via the USA.
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And Lauren Viera of the Chicago Tribune has an excellent syndicated piece on the cay here: