She Fell Asleep?!!??

I don’t have any tattoos, and never wanted any, but I am told the procedure is quite painful. So how amazed were we all when a Belgian girl , Kimberley Vlaeminck, wanting just three stars on her face, woke from the tattoo session to find her complexion covered with the constellation of Andromeda.

Irrespective of why anyone on earth (or any other planet) would want to tattoo their face for anything but medical or cultural reasons, how the hell did she fall asleep? Please, comment below if you have ever had a tattoo and found the procedure comfortable enough to fall asleep through. Is it a cure for insomnia? Having a needle prick your skin, on your face, multiple times a second?

Something is not correct here. Perhaps the poor girl should have said, “I was on a meth bender and passed-out after telling the freakshow artist with the needle that I wanted a face full of stars, when anyone knows that just means three…” Hmmm... Chk Chk Boom.

Perhaps she spoke French and he heard Flemish. That would be more understandable but just as unbelievable.

And about that “artist”. I have refrained from posting his picture here for fear of frightening the children, but compared to his ink, any tattoo would be considered minor (

In fact, he says that all was fine, until the girl’s old man showed up. Then the situation got (comparatively) ugly(er).

Apparently these days, tattoos can be removed with laser treatment, and the tattoo ‘artist’ will pay 50% of the cost. Now, laser treatment is something I am familiar with, and it can be painful. I certainly didn't sleep through it! More painful than tattoos? I can’t say. But no doubt the trauma ultimately applied to this girl’s skin could well be a legacy for life.

Now a Dutch website says it’s all hoax.

The site bases its claims on the fact the girl has declined all publicity and only given interviews to Belgian radio station MNM.

And the famous Kimberlizer, which uses webcam images to put stars on the user's own face, was launched by the advertising agency behind MNM.

More than that, MNM's logo is a star.

So the truth still remains to be seen, but either way, who is the bigger fool?

(Pic: AAP)