ĀNANDA: Dance of Joy - A Celebration of Bharata Natyam Reimagined

The Australian premiere of Ānanda: Dance of Joy, presented by the internationally acclaimed Bharata Natyam dancer Christopher Gurusamy, promises to be a unique exploration of tradition and innovation, rhythm, melody and movement.

At its core, Ānanda delves into the Sanskrit concept of bliss, inviting the audience on a profound journey through Hindu philosophy, Indian poetry, Carnatic music, Western pop culture, and the universal human experience. What sets this recital apart is Christopher's contemporary perspective, which breathes new life into the classical Bharata Natyam format.

Renowned as one of Bharata Natyam’s foremost international exponents, Christopher Gurusamy is no stranger to pushing boundaries. Born in Perth and now dividing his time between Sydney and Chennai, he has garnered global acclaim for his ability to infuse age-old traditions with a modern vibrancy. His performances, both classical and original, have mesmerised audiences across India and around the world.

In Ānanda, Christopher skillfully deconstructs the classical Bharata Natyam form, offering a fresh and compelling experience for spectators. The performance navigates through a spectrum of emotions and themes intrinsic to this South Indian dance form. From the intricate footwork set against complex rhythms to the sublime expressions of devotion and love, each moment on stage resonates with authenticity and artistry.

Critics and audiences alike have praised Christopher Gurusamy's artistry, with the New York Times hailing his Bharata Natyam as "an age-old genre recharged, brilliantly revitalised from within." 

Ānanda: Dance of Joy is a celebration of culture, creativity, and the universal quest for contentment. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Bharata Natyam or a newcomer, this performance promises an  experience that transcends boundaries and connects hearts through the language of dance.

Catch Ānanda: Dance of Joy on the 26th and 27th of April.
Tickets are available now: Darlinghurst Theatre Company

(images: Kash Photography, Inni Singh, Sindhu Photography)