Sydney's State Theatre is set to host the return of mesmerising illusionist and Australia's Got Talent finalist, Michael Boyd, for two exclusive shows on Saturday 30 March 2024. This magical extravaganza seamlessly blends the charm of traditional circus acts with cutting-edge illusions, promising a performance of wonder and amazement for Sydney audiences.

Boyd, hailed by City News as an illusionist whose tricks are a "totally awesome" treat, has curated a show that transcends the ordinary, transporting the audience into a realm where sawdust and sequins meet mind-blowing illusions. From death-defying escapes to spellbinding mime performances, Circus of Illusion promises a true spectacle.

The ringmaster, a master of mystery and mayhem, guides the audience through a journey where world-class circus artists seamlessly merge with the art of magic. With an ensemble of incredible costumes and a cast of international performers, Circus of Illusion is more than a show; it's an experience that captivates the senses and leaves the audience with a sense of awe.

One of the highlights of the evening is the presence of Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist, Sascha Williams. Known for his incredible rola bola act, Williams brings a high-risk performance that has garnered acclaim worldwide. Williams showcases his skills on the rola bola, a testament to his incredible talent and daring approach to his craft.

As the curtain rises, there's plenty to be enthralled by, as the mystifying acts unfold. It's 'edge-of-your seat' stuff as astonishing showgirls defy gravity by levitating, disappearing, and soaring high above the stage. This talented troupe of performers, handpicked from across the globe, ensures that every moment of Circus of Illusion is a visual feast.

Boyd's ability to weave a narrative through illusions and magic sets Circus of Illusion apart from conventional shows. His showmanship, combined with the talents of the international cast, creates an immersive experience that appeals to the most discerning audience. Whether you're a seasoned magic enthusiast or a first-time theatre-goer, Circus of Illusion promises an experience that transcends expectations.

The allure of this magical spectacle lies not only in the breathtaking acts but also in the seamless fusion of various performing arts. The synergy between circus arts, magic, and mime creates an atmosphere where reality blurs, and the audience is transported to a world where the impossible becomes plausible.

Witness Circus of Illusion at the iconic State Theatre on March 30.With two shows only, secure your seats as Michael Boyd and his talented ensemble promise to deliver a show that lingers in the memory of audiences long after the curtain falls. 

VENUE: State Theatre, 49 Market Street, Sydney
DATES: Saturday 30 March 2pm & 6.30pm
PRICES: $59 - $79 plus handling charges