Jayne Tuttle and Jane Clifton confront life, loss and themselves at La Mama

Two deeply personal books transformed into two very different
one-woman shows - One extraordinary night at the theatre.

Jayne Tuttle’s Paris or Die and Jane Clifton’s A Day at a Time in Rhyme running back to back at La Mama HQ in Melbourne 13th - 24th July 2022.

About Paris or Die

Jayne Tuttle
Paris or Die is based on Jayne Tuttle’s 2019 memoir of the same name. Directed by Tuttle’s fellow Lecoq Theatre School graduate John Bolton, the play follows the story of a young actress drawn to the city of light after her mother’s death. Jayne transforms as she plays herself, the character of the writer and the person within the story. A combination of physical theatre, improvisation and storytelling, Paris or Die is an arresting expansion on the original work and a thrilling theatrical experience.

Paris, it seems, has its own plans for Jayne.

About A Day at a Time in Rhyme

Jane Clifton
Jane Clifton’s collection of poems A Day at a Time in Rhyme, also published on the cusp of the pandemic, has been transformed into an immersive piece of hybrid theatre directed by Terrence O’Connell. Comprising spoken word, soundscape, image and music, A Day at a Time in Rhyme is a poetic trip through one year in a well-lived life filled with joy, pathos, strength and humour. Distilled from the 365 diverse poems published in the original book, this is a bold new play and performance by a La Mama favourite and a beloved fixture of Australian stage and screen.

With back to back performances of Paris or Die and A Day at a Time in Rhyme, Jayne and Jane share in the experience of creating and performing one-woman shows, together.

Paris or Die and A Day at a Time in Rhyme
Opens 13 July,  runs until 24 July
La Mama HQ
205 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3053
Price (per show) $30 Full / $20 Concession