There's loads to fear this 'Shocktober' as Palace Encore presents classic horror movies on the big screen, most of which might otherwise only be seen online. This Halloween season, catch five epic flicks that pioneered the 'jump scare' and were the ultimate date-night films when released.

Curated by Palace Cinemas, no strangers to the best in classic and cult cinema presentations around the country, these fright-night flicks will screen from October 4 through to the 31st, depending on your location.

The Exorcist, being the incomparable scream of the crop, will have your head spinning along with original scream queen Linda Blair, while Jason Miller as Father Karras attempts to cast the devil from her. When first released in 1973, some audience members fainted at the intensity of the scenes.

Also on the program for the month, 1968's Rosemary’s Baby sees a naive Mia Farrow fall victim to the needs of satan worshipping neighbours, while director Tobe Hooper's original Texas Chainsaw Massacre will generate plenty of spooktacular screaming at the screen (or chuckling at the 'special' gory effects). Steven Spielberg was so impressed by the film, he then had Hooper direct his original Poltergeist outing ("they're here...").

Next, prepare yourself for Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street (watch for Johnny Depp in his first legitimate film role), and finally the cult classic The Evil Dead, where being attacked by decomposing mannequins and stop motion animations makes-up the bulk of the movie - but there's plenty of chainsaw action as well. Catch real movie magic before the advent of CGI. 

Don't forget that Palace venues are licenced, making them perfect for a night out (there's a $5 Four-Pines Beer Special). Palace Movie Club member tickets are $10, with general admission $15. Head to for screening dates, classifications, and session times at these locations:

Palace Barracks, Brisbane
Palace Byron Bay, Byron Bay
Palace Norton Street, Sydney (until Oct 11)
Chauvel Cinema, Sydney (from Oct 18)
Palace Electric, Canberra
Palace Paradiso, Perth