Film making is a tough business, independent film making doubly so. Alex Lykos’ ME & MY LEFT BRAIN tells the story of Arthur, a struggling actor, also struggling with relationships, while being entirely distracted by his inner critic, his left brain, which is personified in the film by Mal Kennard.

During a restless night, Arthur’s insomnia amplifies his regrets and insecurities, as he suffers while replaying times spent with his fixation Helen (Chantelle Barry), attempting to decipher whether she is legitimately interested in him or not.

Ably captured through the lens by Kent Marcus, and compiled by Miriana Marusic, the film is a romantic comedy romp, reminiscent of works by Woody Allen, not only reflected in the centrepiece of an anti-hero, but also by the soundtrack, an original and impressive jazz score by Cezary Skubiszewski.

In the attached podcast, Alex goes beyond speaking about the technicalities of film making, and delves into the struggle and elation of bringing a story to the screen, wrestling with issues much like his Arthur does in the film.

His candid responses reveal much about independent film making in Australia, and about the balance required between creative vision and financial reality.