This is a truly tragic story. A Canadian man, confined to a wheelchair, is brutally bashed at a Sydney railway station. Travelling in Australia to visit his girlfriend, he had been watching a band at a suburban club when he was set upon by a couple of thugs, each no more than 17 years old.

For those who might have missed it, this was a busy few days. See a summary of my on-air reports for Canadian TV below:

There can be little debate that this was a very low act, especially in a country that is known for its hospitality and welcoming reputation (and note that the security camera footage was edited before being released to the media. The raw vision was too brutal for broadcast).

Is this just a sign of 'modern times'? Is it a result of a disintegration of family values? Not long after this assault, a Scottish man was bashed at another railway station in Sydney, some miles to the south. He was assaulted by a pair of twins who were about 12 years old. Worst still, it was at 3AM in the morning. Who lets their children out on the street at that hour??

Kids learn this behaviour from somewhere, and I'm not one to blame TV or video games. Somehow their role models are communicating that such behaviour is acceptable. It's a shame that being a 'bad influence' can't be criminally prosecuted.